The English Department is a thriving and successful department, comprising of a Head of Department and eleven additional members of teaching staff.
Over the past five years, results have risen from 63% of students achieving A* to C in English to the current figure of 90%, of which we are very proud.  This improvement has been achieved as a result of a collaborative approach to planning and a shared vision of the department in terms of teaching and learning.  The department works as a team, with the strength being the sharing of resources and support wherever possible.
In Key Stage 3 the department follows a varied curriculum, which leads into GCSE courses at Key Stage 4 in English Language and English Literature.  At Key Stage 5 the department offers A Levels in Literature and Literature.  All classes from Year 7 through to Year 11 have 7 periods per fortnight of English teaching, each of 50 minutes duration including a bespoke Library lesson in Year 7.
The English Department occupies several rooms along two main corridors which have recently had extensive refurbishment.  All rooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and there is a state of the art Visualizer available for department use. There is a well-resourced department in terms of the stock of books, as well as digital cameras.  We are keen to embrace opportunities in technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. The department works closely with the Media Department and several English teachers also teach the Media subject.  Each member of the department has a laptop computer.
For many years we have successfully hosted trainee teachers who have all gone on to find positions in other schools or within this department.
The department is forward looking and determined to improve in spite of continued success, and, to ensure its smooth running, we have fortnightly departmental meetings at which we organise the week or weeks ahead and where colleagues can raise concerns or worries. This regular contact has proved a success as it encourages members of the department to feel part of a team as they know they will be kept informed and be listened to.
The aim for the department over the next few years is to maintain the high standards already achieved and to focus on performance at the very top end in an effort to improve our percentage of A* grades.
Staffing within the department is as follows:

Kate Lewis

Head of Department

Emma Kavanagh

Teacher of English with responsibilities for Key Stage 3

Michelle Lord

Teacher of English with responsibilities for Key Stage 4

Jacqueline Kruse

Teacher of English

Michelle Hyland

Teacher of English

Laura Betts

Teacher of English

Gemma Baker

Teacher of English

Bernadette Harrison

Teacher of English

Jenna Gilbert

Teacher of English / Media Studies

Billy Zaidi

Teacher of English / Media Studies

Adriana Kolijn

Teacher of English / Drama